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November 2021
Expanding Prevention

May 2021
Conversations in Prevention: Development, Growth & Partnerships

October 2020
Conversations in Prevention: Prevention Keeps Us Busy

July 2020
Conversations in Prevention: Planning for Prevention Can't Take a Break

February 2020
Conversations in Prevention: Bringing Awareness to Everyday Actions

November 2019
Special Edition E-News: Newly Released Helpline Report

July 2019
Conversations in Prevention: Got hope?

April 2019
Conversations in Prevention: April News and Resources for Sexual Safety Awareness

February 2019
Conversations in Prevention: How do you start talking about preventing child sexual abuse?

September 2018
Conversations in Prevention: Prevention Here, There, and Everywhere

July 2018
Conversations in Prevention: Making Peretration Prevention a Part of the Conversation

April 2018
Conversations in Prevention: Prevention Needs Heroes

February 2018
Conversations in Prevention: The Most Important Prevention Conversation You'll Ever Have

Winter 2017
Conversations in Prevention: Compassion Is Critical for Prevention 

Fall 2017
Welcome to Conversations in Prevention

Summer 2017
Catching Up On Prevention

Fall 2016
Making It Easy To Protect Children 

Summer 2016
Prevention Happens in Many Forms

Spring 2016
Celebrating Courageous Voices

Winter 2016
Sharing What We Hear

Fall 2015
Creating New Circles of Safety

Summer 2015
At the Forefront of Prevention

Spring 2015
Making a Difference - One Voice at a Time

Fall 2014
 International Prevention

Summer 2014
 A Look at the Stop It Now! Helpline

Spring 2014
 Building a Culture of Prevention

Fall 2013
 Sex Abuse Prevention for Children with Disabilities

Summer 2012
 Going Global with Prevention 

May 2012
 Survivor Follows His Heart & Youth Sports Safety

April 2012
 Children's Sexual Behaviors & Health Sexuality Resources

March 2012
 20th Anniversary & New Ask Now! Advice Column

February 2012
 Leap Forward to April & Summer Safety

January 2012
 Children Acting Out Sexually & Prevention Tools

November 2011
Penn State, Adult Responsibility, and Anita Hill

September 2011 
Grandparents, prevention, & sex offender policy

August 2011
Keeping Kids Safe This Fall

July 2011
Can you profile a predator?

Late April 2011
April Action: Read stories, take action

April 2011
Child Abuse Prevention Month

June 2008
A Summer of Happy Memories 

March 2008 
 Knowledge Powers Prevention 

August 2007
 Stop It Now! Wisconsin Launches

March 2007
 Warning Signs are Updated

February 2007
 Policy Update: Sex Offender Management Policy 

January 2007
 Online Safety Resources

November 2006
 A Holiday Recipe for Prevention 

October 2006
 Going Global with Prevention 

October 2006
 Confronting "Overfriendly": The Foley Case 

September 2006
 Grandparents' Role in Prevention 

August 2006
 Welcome to Now! News online 
Stop It Now! published a regular print newsletter until 2006.

Winter 2006, Vol. 14, No. 1
 Helping Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems

Fall 2005, Vol. 13, No. 2
 PARENTtalk: A Unique Resource

Spring 2005, Vol. 13, No. 1
 Reaching the Public, Influencing Our Peers 

Fall 2004, Vol. 12, No. 3
 Celebrating Public Education  

Summer 2004, Vol. 12, No. 2
 Transition to New Leadership at Stop It Now! 

Spring 2004, Vol. 12, No. 1
 The Mind, the Body, and Child Sexual Abuse