Design a Lava Lamp at Home



There is any number of instructions and diagrams concerning the detailed construction of homemade lava lamps. Building these lamps at home can be really rewarding but they require some skill and time. In the end, it may be cheaper to purchase this type of lamp at a store instead of building it at home. You are going to need some expertise and skill if you attempt to build this lamp. It is, however, immensely rewarding if you can accomplish this task.

By: Brian Turner

The biggest challenge to building a lava lamp is to get the movement or motion element that is associated with a factory built lamp. The initial problem with the home built lamp is controlling the heat output. The heat that is generated by the lamp must be controlled or you run the risk of starting a fire. This is a major concern for the DIYer.

The first thing that is to be considered is if you can locate wax and if it can be used in the lamp. If this is not the case then you will have to get oil to use as your moving component. This is used along with the second liquid that can be something like regular medical alcohol. The oil will be placed at the bottom of the container and it will be the liquid that rises and moves the base liquid (alcohol).

When building a homemade lava lamp there are no restrictions on the type of container that should be used. The container should be see through and the shape should be something is that artistically pleasing to the eye. The container should be sturdy and stable to withstand the everyday use of people moving around the area.

It is possible to add color to the lamp by using food color, organic food, or even some type of pigment in the container. Anything that will draw attention to the artistic creation of the lamp and the surrounding area. If you are successful with your design you will wind up with a lamp that has a unique shape, brilliant colors, and sufficient movement to be eye-catching.

By: Kim Woodbridge

The biggest problem with homemade lava lamps is the long-term as well as the short term safety of the lamp. If the heat problem is not properly addressed then there is the possibility that the glass container could break This risk then limits the use of them since it would not be advisable to use around children or pets.

After all of the talk about building your own, if you are not sure about your skill it might be better to simply purchase a lava lamp at a dealer. You could be saving money and not taking any unnecessary risks.

Originally posted 2018-02-24 06:31:45.