Floor Lamp: A Great Gift


When I was opening our wedding gifts my wife thought it was hysterical that we received a floor lamp from 4 different members of our families. I thought we may get one, but to get four, that was a little much. After being married for a while I have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect gift. Even though it might not be the right lamp for the decor that can be changed by changing lamp shades.

This is a gift that is practical and attractive. It is also a useful item. We have used these lamps for many years and they have evolved over time by changing lampshades. It was not something that we wanted but has turned out to be most useful and I think it was extremely thoughtful.

By: Jo Naylor

I know that this sounds silly when I say it, but there is something comforting about light from the floor lamp. Turning on the overhead light is simple and gives bright light but it tends to put everything in something of a spotlight. The light from the floor lamp is smoother and softer, it will give the entire room the same lighting effect. Light from the floor lamp is just softer and even maybe sexier.

The number of options with floor lamps is staggering. You can find lights that are designed to simply sit in a corner, lights that have arms that extend and stretch out. Floor lamps can be placed almost anywhere that is out of the way, even behind the couch or furniture. Floor lamps need to provide light but not become part of the room furniture. Floor lamps are made from a variety of material for the base and the lampshade. Due to all of the variations of design and construction material you will find a wide variety of pricing for lamps. Many are generally designed in specific styles or motif to fit specific room decor. You will also find floor lamps that have multiple bulbs and these could be facing in any number of directions. This is the reason that floor lamps are so versatile.

Finding floor lamps is really easy. They are available in department,

By: Peter & Laila

discount, home interior, and home improvement stores. They are available for as little as ten dollars and can cost as much as several hundred dollars. It really depends on what you are looking for and how much are you willing to pay. It is a general rule that cheaper models do not last as long, but the question is, how long is long enough.

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