Historical Look at Lamps Used in the Home

Since the beginning of time lamps and lighting have been an important part of the human household. The early lamps were probably nothing more than shells or even carved rocks that contained some type of fuel that was lit and burned. With the appearance in the early households the lamps became more sophisticated and varied.

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These lamps were commonly crafted from materials such as alabaster, clay, or metal and began to use some type of flame control. The name lamp comes from the Greek word “lampas” which was used to designate a torch. As time went on, lamps were constantly changing and being improved with techniques as air flow and better use and design of wicks which provided better sources of light and illumination.

Lamp Fuels

People learned how to control the flow of air by using glass containers and also improve the wicks by using a circular design. The originals fuels used in lamps was oil that came from a variety of sources such as beeswax, whales oil, olive oil, nut oil, and sesame oil. Lard and animal fat were used in some of the poorer homes. Then in the mid-19th-century kerosene became a widely used lamp fuel. It was affordable and extremely efficient as a fuel to burn in the common lamp.

Natural gas then became a player in the lamp fuel commerce market. It was

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an important player and competed with petroleum for fuel supremacy in the lamp industry. Then came the discovery of how to harness electricity and this began to wipe out all of the other markets. It was so easy to have a household lamp and the designs and functionality became so diverse that the beauty of a lamp began to determine if it was to be purchased and used in the home. It is now possible to get lamps in many different designs, shapes, colors and you can now get lamps that will perform specific lighting functions.

Types of Bulbs

The newest development now surrounds that exact type of energy saving features that are provided. The old standard “incandescent bulb” is now out of favor and being replaced by more energy friendly lighting such as the fluorescent bulb. This is important for a plant and world where the energy demands are reaching ever climbing highs. Another modern bulb that has been a great discovery is the halogen bulb. The remarkable thing about this is that it produces light but little or no heat. This type of lighting is great since the consumer can save money and also reduce the heat of the planet may be a little.

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