Popularity of Antler Lamps


There has been a major shift in the styling of homes today. It is now popular to style your home with

rustic and old country styles. This has been accomplished through the use of older designs and some old-fashioned lighting and home decorations. The new home styles are even being used with urban homes as well. This country home styling is elegant and popular but will still deliver an unsophisticated feel to the home.

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Some of this styling can be delivered with the simple use of wall colors and proper lighting systems. If you have rooms that rely on wood paneling, wood decorations, or traditional wooden furniture then the use of a special lamp “antler lamps” or chandeliers can produce the desired effect. These antler lamps and similar products have become quite popular recently. Products like this are frequently found in high-end stores and a variety of online websites. It is interesting that antler decorations started as a trophy collection item and they have evolved into room furnishings.

The popularity of these antler products is not restricted to offices, homes, or lodges. The antler lamps are also being used in restaurant hallways and reception areas. The purpose of the antler lamp is to provide balance with other decorative items found on the wall. If you are into nature then display these type of wall decorations shows honor and respect for the animal.

By: Monado

This is really important for nature lovers that real antlers are generally not used for the decorations. Although the deer population has increased since 1900, if the animals were harvested simply for the antlers they would soon become small in numbers. Even with the fake products, deer antler lighting systems, still, produce the desired rustic and country surroundings.

The cost of antler lamps will vary considerably depending on the materials that are used. If you are talking about lamps using real antlers the price can be more expensive. The other problem with lamps with antlers is the availability of the product. Real deer antlers are hard to obtain so getting a lamp or lamps could be difficult.

There is also a new fad that has appeared on the internet where you can get the parts and then build your own antler lamp. If you are going to try this then make sure that you are familiar with electrical circuits, you definitely do not want to start a fire. It might also be to your benefit to seek professional help when building your own lamp.

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