Selecting A Great Floor Lamp For Your House

Picking a floor lamp for your home can enhance the interior appearance or it can completely break the intended decor that you have selected. This is the reason that it is important to try and blend and incorporate your lamps and overall lighting into the room decor.

By: Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez

It is remarkable how much the proper lamp can increase the overall appearance and aesthetics of a room or home. If you lived in a perfect world you could replace or change lights and lamps anytime you change the decor of your house or added or subtracted furniture items, art, or pictures to a living space. The idea of changing lights fixtures that are permanent is costly and is not really feasible or practical. It is far more practical and certainly cheaper by trying to accomplish the same thing by changing your lamps.

Lamps have become extremely popular and there is now an almost endless supply of different sizes, shapes, and types to choose from. The first choice is deciding between table or floor lamps but there are also hanging lamps that may be available. The floor lamp is considered to be the most versatile but table lamps provide the same versatility and can be placed in small areas that a floor lamp would not fit.

Where Do You Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are generally used in entrance ways, room corners, and in living and dining rooms. What is really unique about floor lamps is they provide a certain flair and addition to any home even in the daytime. The illumination provided by the floor lamp is almost something extra. That is why it is important to remember some basic points when selecting floor lamps. Below are some tips that you might want to consider when selecting a floor lamp for your home.

• First thing, make certain that the lamp you buy, the lamp goes with the

By: Bruno Cordioli

ambiance and style of your room. Buying a modern looking floor lamp for a house with a Victorian theme would be a no-no. This would be a bad idea even if the vendor was offering a ninety percent discount. That is why it is important to take some time and put some thought into exactly what you are trying to do. Make a plan and then stick to it.

• When buying floor lamps remember that they can last your lifetime if they are taken care of. If you run across a lamp that will fit with your decor check and make sure it is of decent quality. It might be better to pay a little more initially if the lamp will last. You will need to check and see if it is sturdy and also check the paint or the finish of the lamp. It is terrible to find a great looking lamp that begins to rust or change color in a very short time. The floor lamp should be sturdy enough to not get knocked over with the slightest nudge or contact.

• Most floor lamps come as a combination of a lampshade and a separate lamp base. The most important thing to check when buying a floor lamp is to check the lamp shade. You really need to look at it in the daylight to make sure of how it looks and that there are no flaws. The appearance of things definitely looks different in the daylight. Remember that the lamp is going to provide aesthetics to your room in the daylight so it is important to get something that looks good even if not turned on. It goes without saying that your selection of a lampshade must complement the room colors.

• One of the things that people overlook with their floor lamps is bulb selection. The strength of the bulb depends on how much light you need and the amount of light coverage that you need. The lamp should provide enough light but not be too bright or garish for someone’s eyes.

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