Timeless Tiffany Lighting Designs



Tiffany lighting products of today owe their design to Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was a 20th century New York artist who was originally known for his decorative jewelry and stained glass window designs.

By: Deb Nystrom

These original Tiffany Lighting lamps had stained portions and very bright colors appearing on different sections of the glass. Mostly influenced by Japanese art, designs include those of butterflies and flowers. These designs gained acceptance until around 1930s when demand started to diminish. Not until around 1950s it gained back market demand, but have become expensive as these original Tiffany lighting lamps have become fit for a museum collection.

Today, light manufacturers are producing Tiffany lighting products inspired by the original pieces way back the 20th century. These continue to be very artful pieces and considered to be a class of its own.

Many have been captivated by the original designs, though new twists have been introduced to create a contemporary appeal of these Tiffany lighting products. Product lines include lamps, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and more.

By: slgckgc

Many of these Tiffany lighting products are hand-made making each and every piece unique. Most of the design depicts plants and flowers. Vines have also been a common design. These designs give a feeling of tranquility and warmness, which is why most would consider these to be ageless designs.

There are different brands out there that have these Tiffany designs. These come in different sizes, forms and function. These come at different prices as well. A Robert Louis Inverted Tiffany-Style Pendant Chandelier would cost around 300 dollars, a Tiffany Mission Olive Leaf Light Fixture is around 200 dollars, and a Beaded Tiffany-Style Ceiling Light Fixture also at around 200 dollars. Tiffany inspired lamps like the Robert Louis Tiffany Olive Leaf Table Lamp costs around 200 dollars, a Mission-Style Tiffany Glass Plug-in Swing Arm Wall lamp costs around 140 dollars, and a Walnut Mission Tiffany Style Floor Lamp costs around 350 dollars. Another beautiful design is a Mica Shade Mission Arc Floor Lamp that costs around 300 dollars, and a Contemporary Floor Lamp with Tiffany Style Shade costs around 200 dollars.

With the Tiffany lighting products strategically placed in a room or to any place to your liking, bring a whole new aura to it. While most might prefer to use these indoors, placing them outside would also be nice. It can fit any surroundings and would impress an atmosphere of serenity – the Tiffany lighting products are simply timeless.

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