What is so Unique About The Lava Light?



In regards to creative style and novelty of ideas, a lava light is absolutely a special product of lighting. Though more visual than it is practical, such a product is offered in a range of styles and designs matching practically all tastes and creativity. The name, “lava light” originates from using blobs of wax or other kinds of liquid products inside the light that is similar to lava circulations.

By: Jase Curtis

The primary areas of placement of lava lamps are wide and varied but they tend to be used in several definite types more than others. The most popular would in the area of younger members of the household, particularly teenagers. You can also find lava lamps or lights in hallways, workplaces, and even in the dining room. These lamps work well when you are looking for a bit of color or some type of unusual lighting. When it comes to light quality the lava lamp is designed to primarily embellish other light sources.

A lava light will offer sufficient light to show off it’s unique and colorful light properties. There are unique light characteristics of a lava lamp and these are certainly highlighted during the evening hours. The versatility of the lamp provides you with the opportunity to create unique lighting areas for any room in the home or office. Just as with any type of lamp you should have a working knowledge of how it works or at least some expert advice before you begin to add lighting to the room.

By: Karen

The lava lamp first appeared in Brussels during a trade presentation. This took place sometime in the mid-1960’s and the lamp became an instant success. The light became a big hit and the sales and popularity took off and went through the roof. The funny thing is the lamps were popular worldwide and not just to any particular area. By using different colors of liquid and lampshading made each lamp almost a unique creation on its own. The different combinations and coloring became almost endless.

When the lamp is turned on the bulb warms the wax or liquid in the glass container sitting on top. For this reason, the working concept of a lava light uses wax as the primary element. Because wax is denser it makes it a better agent for handling the heat from the bulb.

The most intriguing feature of the lava lamp is the way that wax globs will dance and move inside the glass container. This phenomenon is caused by the density difference of the two components contained in the container. A lava light does not always depend on wax for its unique impacts, extremely frequently various oil types are likewise utilized effectively in the production of these ornamental products.

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