Use Lamp Shades to Decorate Any Room


Probably the most overlooked item when redecorating is the lighting. It is a common mistake to think that to change room lighting you must buy new lamps. It is entirely possible to replace lampshades to create an entirely different look and decor for a room. You will find that replacing lampshades you will save a significant amount of money. You will also discover that there are huge opportunities to find great shades at reasonable prices.

By: Nan Fry

The best way to redecorate your lighting is to patiently wait until the room is almost complete. You should have the major pieces of furniture in place so that the theme or design of the room has been established. After the theme has evolved and become established you then begin selecting lampshades that will complement or contrast the room in the manner that you are looking for. An example might be a room that is decorated with a safari motif and a zebra rug might be offset with a solid-color lampshade. This shade would offset the bold design of the room. A different example might be a room that features clean, simple, the contemporary design would need some type of bold lampshade to provide the needed contrast.


You can find lampshades that are available in different materials, textures,

By: Matt MacGillivray

and shapes. Materials will vary from fabric, paper, and even natural materials such as fur, plastic, and even tree leaves. Lampshade designs are available in anything from patterns, abstract designs, and solid colors. These colors can span the entire color spectrum and even in the softness of a color.

Before making any plans to go shopping locally, or online, you need to examine the existing lampshade. You are looking for any distinctive feature about your lampshade such as size or how it will attach to the lamp. You definitely do not want to get something that will not work or fit with your lamp. You will need to check the size and this can usually be done by measuring the circumference of the shade at the widest point.

You will also need to check the mounting style of the existing shade. Many shades are mounted to the lamp base, others mount to a supporting bracket surrounding the bulb, and others simply clip onto the bulb.

When you are selecting a lampshade it is perfectly acceptable to be daring and brave when making your choice. If you pick a lampshade it is really simple to make another choice. This is your chance to be bold and make your room or house yours.


Originally posted 2019-03-28 16:12:18.